Saving the Earth One Bike at a Time

Why Bike

Swift Bike Shift - Android

Swift Bike Shift is an app that allows you to find a shared bike station in downtown San Francisco. You can find a station by hitting the previous/next buttons or clicking on a station on the map. Once you find a station, you can click on a point of interest and get turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps. The app is still in early alpha, but the developers are planning to add more features, such as the ability to map your calendar onto the map with the shared bike stations and make reservations for bikes.

GoSwift - iOS

GoSwift is a shared bike app that is more like going to the gym than actually getting a shared bike. When you launch the app, you give it access to your calendar and health data. This allows the app to see your events and cycling distances, steps, and heart health. You can then choose a calendar event and set a time, date, and location. The app will then show you all the shared bikes in the area. You can choose a bike and change the time of day if necessary. In the future, you will be able to pay for the bike right inside the app. Once you use the bike for your trip, the information goes into your Apple Health and the app is able to calculate the steps, bike distances, and your heart health. This information will generate NFTs for you, and as you collect more and more NFTs, you will be able to trade them in for real-world items like t-shirts and stickers. So by simply using your events and finding shared bikes and enjoying using the shared bikes, you'll be making yourself and the planet healthier while you collect NFTs allowing you to get real world items for all the goals you achieved.

Shared Bike Systems (Android & iOS) Videos